Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My very first wedding

So it was one of my good friends wedding on sunday and i had the privilege of photographing it. I t was my very first wedding and i quite enjoyed it! although the rain made us stay indoors and i was desperate to get outside with the greenery!
All the images i took were with no flash gun, as i don't own one. I am a natural light photographer so this day really tested me, doing indoors in dim lighting conditions ha ha!

Friday, 20 July 2012

I am now 0-3 years!!

woo hoo some of you say. I will still be concentrating more on newborns as thats where my heart lies, but i am now open for ages upto 3 years. You ask why I've changed? well.... it all started with this little girl that came in with her baby sister , she was 2. Now me and most other photographers know that this age can be very tricky, because at that age all they want to do is play and not listen to anyone haha. Or not do what you ask them, i know this as i am a mum myself. BUT little sophie had me gobsmacked i tell you! She never cried, whined, or  threw a tantrum etc. She did the opposite, she listened to me, we interacted on a play level. She did exactly what i asked her too! so here are a few pics of little sophie ..

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Session giveaway

hi all again, here i am with yet another fabulous competition! they are fun and keep us entertained while the partners watch the football
so here goes...

free session with me lily eugenia photography lancaster. Includes a 10x8 framed print !

this time anyone can enter, all you need to do is email me a photo of your child to lilyeugeniaphotography@hotmail.co.uk  ( no professional images please) , they will then be entered into the comp. get your friends and family to "like" the photo. The 3 entries with the highest amount of likes then gets entered into the final, which then 1 entry will be chosen by the  judges ( judges are fellow photographer friends of mine) This will run for a week , so will end at 9pm on sunday 17th june.

good luck everyone!!!!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Help me raise the "likes" on my page

im going to run a simple competition to get my likes up on my page lily eugenia photography , i seem to have been stuck on the same number for months! if some of you dont know facebook doesnt allow competitions so i have to run it through here. Ok .... competition ....

I will upload onto my facebook a folder named ... star of 2012

if you want to enter the competition in the hope your child will win the star of 2012 i will upload 1 photo of your child ( photo must of been taken by me ) into that folder.

it is then your job to help me get the likes up on my page by getting your family/friends to "like" MY PAGE and to "like" your childs photo

They must like the page in order for their vote to count! i will be checking my likes against the likes on the photo :p

The photo with the most likes will win a little surprise from me, a 12x10 framed print!!!!

the competition will end as soon as i get to 2,000 likes!

SO... quite simple really...get family/friends to  like my page, like the photo and in your in with a chance of winning the star of 2012 and a framed print!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Raising money for the SCBU

Not blogged in a while so thought i would come on and share my latest ....

I have decided to create a fund raising event for the SCBU in lancaster to raise money for them which is well needed! and a good cause indeed.
Here is how i plan to do it... I am going to do a 2013 calendar which will be full of newborn babies wearing themed props which are associated with all the months, The calendars will go on sale around oct/nov and all money made on these will go to the unit. I am currently trying to find at least 12 sponsors to assist me on this, which is proving difficult but im sure i will get there! I have had two lovely ladies help me on this by supplying some of the props, there is mary from ma's photography props who kindly donated a "firework" wrap for the month of november and also a rudolf hat and carrot for the month of december. And tracey from pretty as a picture kindly donated a hat and tie set for september, i have already taken the photographs of these in use and here they are .....
My next newborn model is due in this week and will star in febuary ( valentines day) so keep an eye out for the image :) If there is any businesses out there who would like to sponsor me and help me raise money for this much needed cause please contact me.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Today i stepped back in time!

I was in my element today when i visited guys thatched hamlet, all the old looking shops i was in love! i couldnt wait to get snapping and editing, heres a few from today....

The photography shop!

There is soo many more, take a look on my facebook page at all the images

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The smile and laughter of all!

Meet zach.... he first came to me as a newborn

he came back to me at 6 months, wow hasnt he changed! and full of smiles all through out the session. I love sessions like this...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Meet Sweet Elise...

Recently i bought some new fabric backdrops for my newborn photography and needed a model so i could finally get to use them! I made an announcement on my facebook page and this is how i got sweet elise! she was perfect, the softest skin i had seen, lots of cute little wrinkles and all the cuteness of a newborn you could want! She did take a little while longer than usual to get to sleep, but even when she was awake she was perfect. So here is a few shots using the new blankets modelled by elise who weighed in at 8lb 1/2oz :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Great Giveaway


We are SO excited to be doing this GIVEAWAY! We LOVE our clients and without you, we would not be where we are today!
We are having a giveaway and we have some AMAZING vendors participating in our giveaway!
We will have 2 lucky winners from this giveaway!
So your asking yourselves..what do i need to do?
Well... its quite easy to follow, all you need to do is go to all our vendors pages by clicking on the clickable link under their photo, that will take you straight to their pages, "like" their page and comment on their page saying... hi,new fan here!
Now thats step 1 completed!
Step 2
Share the link to the blog on your wall , im sure if you want to win these lovely giveaways you will be good :)
Once you have completed these 2 steps comment on this blog post: COMPLETED BOTH STEPS.
The winner and runner up will be chosen at random by.... random number generator! the winners will be announced on this blog on the 17th feb 9pm.I will contact the 2 lucky winners.
Now..... go and share share share , like like like ! Here are the prizes.....

                                                 WINNERS PRIZE

and the winner is..... vickie gibson photographybymorgan


                                           click here to like Angelic ruby
                                          click here to like katy - did - crochet
                                          click here to like fimbly boutique


And the runner up is dani stevens