Monday, 7 May 2012

Raising money for the SCBU

Not blogged in a while so thought i would come on and share my latest ....

I have decided to create a fund raising event for the SCBU in lancaster to raise money for them which is well needed! and a good cause indeed.
Here is how i plan to do it... I am going to do a 2013 calendar which will be full of newborn babies wearing themed props which are associated with all the months, The calendars will go on sale around oct/nov and all money made on these will go to the unit. I am currently trying to find at least 12 sponsors to assist me on this, which is proving difficult but im sure i will get there! I have had two lovely ladies help me on this by supplying some of the props, there is mary from ma's photography props who kindly donated a "firework" wrap for the month of november and also a rudolf hat and carrot for the month of december. And tracey from pretty as a picture kindly donated a hat and tie set for september, i have already taken the photographs of these in use and here they are .....
My next newborn model is due in this week and will star in febuary ( valentines day) so keep an eye out for the image :) If there is any businesses out there who would like to sponsor me and help me raise money for this much needed cause please contact me.

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