Friday, 20 July 2012

I am now 0-3 years!!

woo hoo some of you say. I will still be concentrating more on newborns as thats where my heart lies, but i am now open for ages upto 3 years. You ask why I've changed? well.... it all started with this little girl that came in with her baby sister , she was 2. Now me and most other photographers know that this age can be very tricky, because at that age all they want to do is play and not listen to anyone haha. Or not do what you ask them, i know this as i am a mum myself. BUT little sophie had me gobsmacked i tell you! She never cried, whined, or  threw a tantrum etc. She did the opposite, she listened to me, we interacted on a play level. She did exactly what i asked her too! so here are a few pics of little sophie ..

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